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Pickled Red Cabbage

I bought a red cabbage recently to make coleslaw and never did so rather than waste it, pickled red cabbage it shall become. I love pickled red cabbage, it being a family favorite since childhood as well as being so easy to make. Of course with Sarsons ready to use pickled vinegar it’s even easier!

You start off by thinly slicing the cabbage and layering it into a colander with a few spoonfuls of table salt to draw off the excess water from the cabbage. This helps to keep it crisp. Leave it overnight over a bowl for the salt to work its magic.

Brining the red cabbage

Then the next day put the cabbage into sterilized jars with the vinegar to completely cover it and you’re done. Simple.

Pickled Red Cabbage

Sarsons have made a video of the process and you can watch it and get their full recipe by clicking here.

x Paula

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