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Goodbye Dutch Oven, you served me well…

A sad day here in Chez SPC. My old friend, my dutch oven has a sizeable chip gone out of the internal lining. Never mind the fact that the oven was permanently stained from many a casserole and stew that was cooked in it over the last 12 years {hence why I’m not showing you a photo of the inside!}, the chip means that the “au revoir” moment has indeed arrived….

And today of all days that I noticed! I’ve a batch of meat in the fridge to cook and freeze as we’re approaching the dreaded Best Before Date!!!!  So it’s back to the old stainless steel pots. They’re ok for stove top but I loved the fact I could start a casserole on the stove and finish it in the oven.

You can see from the photo that in one I’m cooking a batch of ragu for pasta dishes and in the other Granny’s Stew {with a few additions!}. Notice the bubbles from the fatty stewing beef? I love it! Only peas and spuds to add following a long slow cook. This will be cooked for about two hours, maybe even longer, until the beef reaches that melt in your mouth moment. Later one I’m making up chilli con carne to use up the last of the mince.  Busy busy!! Slight afterthought – I hope I can room in the freezer!!!!!

Anyway, I now have to seek a new dutch oven. Any suggestions?? Le Creuset again? Ikea? Let us to the shops go, people!

Xx Paula

2 comments on “Goodbye Dutch Oven, you served me well…

  1. Yvonne
    October 12, 2017

    Sad day indeed Paula but its replaceable 😊I have a lovely blue ikea one & it’s perfect! Gets a lot of use, no complaints- a little less expensive than le creuset too! ❤️

    • Thanks Yvonne, for the recommendation! I like the look of the Ikea ones so it’s good to know that you’re happy with yours. Yes, I can definitely see a shopping trip early next week! I’ve been building a list for Ikea as it is so there’s the push for me now 😂

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