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And We’re Back!

SFH Afternoon Tea

Well hello there! It’s been some time since I posted!

A lot has been happening in Chez SPC which has had nothing to do with cooking.  In fact, I kinda lost my mojo in the cooking department.  You see, my eldest lad has been quite unwell having developed ulcerative colitis and its taken since December 2015 to find the right medication to get him well again.  Not that he’ll ever be the way he was before.  It’s a case of getting into remission and hopefully, staying there. Since only six weeks ago, we’ve found the right meds and he’s doing great!

It’s been quite a stressful time over the past two years to be honest and I found I needed to step on the back burner for a while so I’ve been spending my days knitting like there’s no tomorrow.  I’ve been tending my allotment too.  Rather sporadically but… It hasn’t been a great year though for growing veg – very hit and miss – but next year I predict will be a glorious one with lots of sunshiny days.

I have to say that this year seems to have flown in.  Here we are now heading into Autumn so quickly.  The days are getting shorter, the weather so much colder than expected but on the bright side, it’s a time for wrapping up warm, going for nice walks and eating lovely, lovely comfort food.  So now that my mojo is returning, I’ll be posting some recipes for soups and stews later this week. I do hope you’ll come back and join me for those.

As for the picture, well I had to post something!!! This is from a fundraiser I held earlier this month for our local hospice.  An afternoon tea with lovely company in aid of a good cause.

Xx Paula

2 comments on “And We’re Back!

  1. Caitriona Redmond
    October 3, 2017

    Glad to see you’re back & that things are coming back on an even keel. Can only imagine the stress you’ve been under.

    • Thanks Caitriona! I hope you’re keeping well. You hide the stress and then it catches up on you. Falling out of love with
      cooking was a sure sign though. The thoughts of cooking dinner or anything for that matter just didn’t appeal and once that starts it easy to slip and slide. But now that my young man is doing well, I’m feeling a lot better in myself too. When the colitis started in 2015 he lost 3 stone in 2 months. And last Xmas his inflammatory marker rose as high as 90 where it should only be as high as 5. Since July he’s now at 3. And it hasn’t been this low since 2015! It was so hard looking at him being so ill. You never want to see your kids sick. We changed doctor who put him on new medication which had practically an immediate effect and we’re all happy!

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