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Harry Eastwood’s Persian Salad of Tomato, Pomegranate and Cucumber – Review

Persian Salad

Well guys, I’m getting old.  In the middle of July I’ll be celebrating my 49th birthday and I’m throwing a party – Wahoo!  I’ve decided to go all girly and have a peony theme for the party.  I’ve made the invitations, menu cards and bunting, and have yet to order a truckload of peonies to decorate the house!  The conservatory will be converted into “The Conservatory Bar”, an open bar where guests can help themselves.  The dining room will be set up for a buffet with requisite nuts and snacks left in strategic locations around the house.

The menu card has just turned into a bit of a ‘moveable feast’ as I keep changing my mind.  However, some dishes are now set in stone following the delivery of Harry Eastwood’s latest book, A Salad for All Seasons {Bantam Press}.  I already have Harry’s The Skinny French Kitchen and love it!  Her recipes are packed with flavour but are low on calories – she lists calories per portion for every recipe so you know where you stand if on a diet!

A Salad for All Seasons is a wonderful book with glorious images of delicious dishes, so appetising that you’ll be using it as your go-to book for the rest of your life and so many of the recipes are perfect for serving at a party!  One in particular caught my attention and I immediately set to trial it today – Persian Salad of Tomato, Pomegranate and Cucumber finished with a lovely lemony dressing.  Doesn’t that sound so elegant??

Using the building blocks of Salad Shirazi, the addition of pomegranates amongst other ingredients makes this salad so delicious.  The salad is simple, clean tasting and cooling with spicy or barbequed food.  Given a thumbs up from Hubbie, I can’t wait to serve it to my guests!

Now on to the next trial – a red wine velvet chocolate birthday cake from the Smitten Kitchen!

A Salad for All Seasons is available from Amazon and other good bookstores.


Xx Paula

2 comments on “Harry Eastwood’s Persian Salad of Tomato, Pomegranate and Cucumber – Review

  1. Damyanti
    June 28, 2013

    This salad looks amazing. SOmehow my cooking never looks like the stuff in the recipe book, though it often tastes great.

    • Thank you! It’s rare that mine looks like the photo too!! This salad is very refreshing and not that tricky to get right! And it was great to get to try new ingredients that I’d never heard of before eg sumach! So this recipe was a good lesson for me and has sparked an interest now in Persian cooking. Delighted you liked the post. Xx Paula

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