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Scones that are simply the best

Fruit Scone

I was very lucky when I first started working to enjoy the company of some wonderfully entertaining if not rather eccentric people. I always fancied being a bit eccentric myself as in my youth, eccentric meant exotic! There was one memorable raconteur in the office who had the most entertaining of life experiences who also had a thing for flamboyant shirts including one covered in aeroplanes that were reminiscent of wallpaper you’d find on boys’ bedroom walls from American TV shows.

Break-time was always 10.30am for 30 minutes {even though you were only supposed to take 20}. In one department that I worked in, the building’s basement housed a large canteen but had no canteen staff so we had to prepare everything ourselves. There was a ritual to making the tea: the kettle was boiled and added to tea bags in a large stainless steel teapot which was then heated again on the stove so that the tea stewed. Horrendous but that was how it was done. The staple accompaniment was a scone, toasted and thickly smeared in butter which melted and oozed down the sides of the scone. And for the many years that followed, my break-time consisted of just that, tea and a scone. Sometimes I was reckless and had coffee instead!

When I stopped working, break-time at 10.30am stopped and so did my consumption of scones except when visiting friends or having them over for morning coffee. Typically running out of time, I’d buy the scones in the local shop but recently I decided to make them. After all, they’re easy to bake, right?

Well, actually there’s a quite a knack to them. I’ve made ones that stick to the roof of your mouth, that don’t rise, that rise on one side only and others that are perfect specimens fit to enter a baking contest. My problem is that I’m not consistent and I don’t know why. Is it using fresh flour? Is it the food processor rather than the manual labour? Is it the difference between my top and bottom ovens {which I noticed recently is becoming a problem}? Is it my heavy handedness in crumbing the flour and butter after a day of washing and drying clothes? Is it the recipe?

Recently I tried two recipes, one from my Good Housekeeping cookbook and one by Marguerite Patten. I remember my dad swearing by Marguerite Patten and I have to say, I know now why. Her recipe is simple, her scones so light with just a mix of self raising flour, butter, sugar and milk. No eggs, no additional baking powder. The result is the lightest scone I’ve ever tasted. No more scones sticking to the roof of my mouth! And to avoid the dreaded lopsided scone, I’ve taken heed of Paul Hollywood’s advice and only cover literally the top of the scone with milk not letting any of it drip down the sides as it’s this that stops the rise! The only problem that I have now is the knock-on effect on my waistline as it’s impossible to eat just one scone … To the treadmill, woman and walk it off!

If you would like to try the scones for yourself {you have to, I’m sorry, I insist!}, you can get the recipe here at Sussex Life. If you like fruity scones like me, just add 1/4 cup of raisins or sultanas to the mix.


Xx Paula

10 comments on “Scones that are simply the best

  1. mydearbakes
    April 28, 2013

    This is looks so gorgeous, well done! =)

  2. Reviews and Outfits
    July 18, 2013

    I’m going to try this one day 🙂 Indeed it looks yummyy, you have a new follower 😀

  3. laurasmess
    July 24, 2013

    Oh, I love fruity scones. I’ve tried a few scone recipes and I’m yet to pick a favourite. I’ll give this one a go, since you’ve had luck with it! Beautiful photo! xx

    • Do give it a go, Laura. I’ve been on a diet for the passed while cutting out carbs but I’m tired of it now and will be baking these myself tomorrow! I need something sweet I guess! Thanks for the comments and compliments on the photo! Xx P

      • laurasmess
        July 25, 2013

        Aw, cutting out carbs?! You poor thing (I think I’d die if I had to do that). Hope you enjoy your treat today. You definitely deserve something beautiful xx

      • It worked for a while, definitely. I’m a little bit too heavy for my liking and after having some photos taken recently, well…. 😦

      • laurasmess
        July 31, 2013

        😦 Sorry to hear that hon. Hope that you reach your goal soon. If it makes you feel any better, I think that you’re gorgeous! I hate having photographs taken of me also (I cried on my wedding day as I hated the photography so much!) so I can perhaps relate a little bit. Hugs xx

      • Thanks so much Laura! I hate having my photo taken! I went back to the photographers and had myself photoshopped!! Not much, just a little so a bit happier with that. I’ve known for ages that I had to lose weight but since the camera never lies (unless the photographer is v good!), its been the best motivation. Sorry to hear that you felt so awful on your wedding day. Hugs to you too. Xx P

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