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Roasted Root Veg and Chili Soup {with tips for the best Roast Chicken ever!!!}

Roasted Root Vegetable Soup

There’s one thing I like and that’s lazy Sundays of doing absolutely nothing other than going for a walk, drinking coffee and reading the newspapers. This Sunday found me with oodles of energy, from where I do not know!  I found myself spending a fair bit of time in the kitchen trying out new recipes having been glued to foodie programmes the previous day.  I’d watched Simon Hopkinson roast a chicken on Saturday and thought to myself, sorry Simon, but my chicken is better than that! How modest of me!

I roast my chicken after spreading it with olive oil, a good squirt of lemon juice, salt, pepper and a generous helping of dried mixed herbs.  I then shove the lemon inside the bird’s cavity which if witnessed by my husband usually generates an “UGH!”  However, this Sunday I shoved a whole garlic bulb in there too {not easy given the amount of space, I can tell you} after reading about it in Kevin Dundon’s cookbook, Great Family Food.  Double “UGH” was heard…  Cooking time over and the chicken was delicious!  A lovely golden colour, tasty crispy skin and lots of good flavour.  Simple.

While the chicken was cooking, I made a soup based on one of Kevin’s from the same book, a lovely roasted root vegetable soup, gloriously thick and creamy, perfect for a damp, cold, miserable, wet rainy day like Sunday!  Kevin gives a lovely recipe that includes carrots, parsnip, pumpkin {or in my case, butternut squash}, celery, sweet potatoes, onion and chilli flakes, all blended with stock and cream {I used crème fraîche}.

Initially the soup is just a pleasing veg soup but as you swallow it, the chilli hits the back of your throat for a lovely sting that would sort out any soreness!  Absolutely delicious!  Perfect with brown or crusty bread, this soup is a new winner that I’m only too happy to add to my repetoire.  I hope you get to enjoy it too!

Xx Paula

Kevin’s book, Great Family Food is printed by Collins and is available from Amazon and all good booksellers.
A Kindle version is also available.

2 comments on “Roasted Root Veg and Chili Soup {with tips for the best Roast Chicken ever!!!}

  1. foodfrommetwoyou
    February 13, 2013

    your soup looks just beautiful…and lemon garlic chicken is my favorite, my mom really does make the best roast chicken in the world, and all she does it butter s & p and lemon, how she does it, i’ll never know….lovely post..sarah

    • Thanks Sarah! I made a large batch of this soup and it keeps really well. Hubbie has brought the last of it to work for lunch today so I know what I’ll be making this weekend! I love simply flavoured chicken, and lemon and garlic is best! Some recipes over-complicate food unnecessarily and turn your hair grey as a result!. Have a lovely day! Xx Paula

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