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An Easy Tomato Bread packed with Goodness

I have a great love of tomato bread and my local boulangerie offers a fine tomato and fennel seed loaf which is divine. But today, I fancied making my own. There’s a lovely recipe in the Avoca Café Cookbook that I fancy trying.

The recipe calls for self raising flour, eggs, olive oil, white wine, tomato paste, grated cheese, a lot of chopped black olives and sundried tomatoes mixed with a couple of spoons of mixed fresh herbs. When combined, the mixture is very moist, more like a cake batter. Into the tin and into the oven. You’re supposed to bake the bread at a high heat for 30 minutes and then lower the heat and continue baking for another 20 minutes until the bottom of the bread sounds hollow.

However, I got my timings all wrong and the bread is going into the oven 40 minutes before the first school run! Here I am, begging for disaster. What to do? I put the bread into the oven and hoped for the best. After 30 minutes, I stuck a skewer in it and it came out clean. I upturned the bread and the bottom was hollow sounding. IT WAS DONE! Yes, I have a miracle oven! I reckon if I’d left it for another 20 minutes, I’d have had blackened bread on my hands.


The bread is a delight. The olives give a distinctive flavour yet are not overpowering. The mixture is light and moist and is a lovely accompaniment to soup or to dip into a blend of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Not having to worry about yeast or kneading the dough is a blessing when you’re in a hurry! I would definitely recommend this bread although I’d be keeping an eye on the timings as you too may have a miracle oven!

The Avoca Café Cookbook can be purchased directly from Avoca or Amazon.

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