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The cookbook that’s going to the grave with me!

The Gastropub Cookbook - Another Helping by Diana HenryWell, I’ve gone and done it again. I headed yesterday to TK Maxx to get some dishes as its a great spot for picking up unusual stuff. I need to get something new especially for photos as using the same old dishes is a bit boring! Anyway, there I am going up and down the aisles and I come to the book section. There’s a book that I’d pondered buying before, Ham, Pickles and Jam by Thane Prince and it’s still there. Hurray! I spied a Mary Berry Complete Cookbook. Love Mary Berry! She never fails me. And then I came across The Gastropub Cookbook – Another Helping by Diana Henry. Interesting!

This cookbook is a marvel! Published in 2008, the book is a guide to over 100 of the best dining pubs in Britain. At €9.99, its a steal. This book is just me with recipes that I will definitely be cooking: braised shin of beef with red wine, black pudding fritters with apply chutney, venison and wild boar sausages, mutton shepard’s pie, lemon verbena posset with spiced summer berries, plum and vanilla bruschetta with crème fraîche…YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM!!! I think I’ve found my new go-to cookbook that is definitely staying with me forever more….:)

PSsst. Go grab a copy as it’s still available to buy on Amazon and you can preview it there too!

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