Salt, Pepper and a Dollop of Cream

One Woman's Journey through Her Cookbooks

There’s something eerie about my pea soup…

Starving, I’ve looked through my Avoca cookbook to find something nice and quick to make for lunch. Pea and mint soup jumps out at me as I’ve all the ingredients to hand – petit pois, potato, onion, vegetable stock, milk, mint and of course, salt and pepper!

I have to say I really like soups – homemade soups that is.  The canned and packet ones are just awful.  My eldest went through a cream of chicken soup from a packet phase that lasted nine months.  Every day.  And it had to be from a packet as nothing else would do…AWFUL!

Anyway, I particularly love hearty soups with everything-bar-the-kitchen-sink in them.  This week I’m planning on making a couple of different ones along the same theme including minestrone and a pork hock soup that will be more of a stew I guess but today it’s simple pea and mint. This is a great soup and only takes 30 minutes to make, cook and blitz. I LOVE the bright colour (though it tends to lose the vibrant hue on reheating).  The mint gives a clean taste that doesn’t overpower and lifts the pea flavour.

Soup is made and poured but wait! What’s going on with my soup? Can you see what I see near the top of the bowl?

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