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A First in Our House – Venison Steaks!

Tonight I cooked venison for dinner. I’ve never had it before and until recently wouldn’t have even contemplated eating it. But life is short and you have a take a chance on trying something new. So, I ordered venison steaks from Superquinn and searched for a recipe. I duly found one in Neven Maguire‘s cookbook, Home Chef – venison steaks with a plum sauce and garlic mash.

What really surprised me was how tender the venison was, not a bit of fat at all. And so tender. It really was like eating a fillet steak. The plums were cooked in a red wine and balsamic reduction. Unfortunately, the plums were a bit too ripe and cooked down very quickly but they suited the venison really well. For the garlic mash, I used Queen potatoes and kept the skins on. And for a side veg, I cooked cabbage in butter with nutmeg. Gorgeous.

Now, I know Neven’s dish would be better presented than mine {no question about that!} but it was lovely and we cleared our plates. I will definitely eat vension again and recommend it highly. It costs so much less than fillet steak too. If you get an opportunity, do try it. You won’t be disappointed.

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