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An Eggstatic Start to the Day!

French Toast

It’s miserable outside, raining cats and dogs and I can feel an Autumn chill in the air.  We just managed to get the last of the plums off the tree yesterday and in good time, given the change in weather.  What a day!

Its on days like this that you want to start it off with something truly satisfying.  So, today it had to be eggs {I love eggs!  I could eat them until they come out of my ears}.  “French toast” called my eldest!

Two slices of white bread dipped in beaten egg – one side only – and fried in lovely butter with half a block of milk chocolate in between {I can feel my cholesterol rising as I type}.  Lovely golden brown on both sides and filled with gooey gorgeousness oozing out the sides that can only be chocolate!  Heaven but also PURE TORTURE!  I so wish I was young again when I could eat what I wanted without fear of the waistline waddle.  An omelette for me….

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