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For the Love of Claire – Chicken with Aubergines, Tomatoes and Garlic

Chicken with aubergines, tomatoes and garlic

It’s a miserable day here in Dublin and Hubbie has just announced that he’s coming home early from work! Time to get the dinner on but what to cook? Today I feel sapped of energy and the thoughts of entering the kitchen let alone cook repels me! I guess its time to turn to one of my stalwart cookbooks – The Claire Macdonald Cookbook.

I love this woman! Claire runs Kinloch Lodge Hotel on the Isle of Skye with her husband, Lord Macdonald and I have to say, her recipes are easy to follow and very practical. What’s in the book is what Claire cooks and serves in the hotel.  And you can be assured that your final meal will be exactly as Claire cooks herself. I’ve cooked leg of lamb her way (when I liked lamb – another story for another time) and everyone loved it; I’ve made pâté her way and again, it turned out perfectly; her fruit tart, only DIVINE! The last line of the inside flap reads “The Claire Macdonald Cookbook is an indispensable addition to every cook’s batterie de cuisine” and I thoroughly agree. Dare I suggest that you buy the book?

So, getting back to my problem of what to cook? What have I in the fridge that I can transform into something that suits the day and my time? Chicken, aubergines (love aubergines), tomatoes. Lo and behold, the first recipe in Claire’s poultry section is Chicken Breasts with Aubergines, Tomatoes and Garlic, a lovely quick and easy casserole. Destiny!

This was such a simple dish to cook and I loved the fact that it took less than an hour to make, just in time for Hubbie’s arrival home as I knew he’d be tired and starving. It was absolutely delicious: good, strong Mediterranean flavours and lovely moist chicken. Served simply with salad and baby pototoes or crusty bread, this recipe gets the thumbs up all round. Another dish to add to my growing list!

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