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Pizza with Puff!

There’s a lovely smell coming from my kitchen! I’m absolutely starving after pouring over books to decide what’s on my menu for a little supper party I’m having on Friday night. So, for lunch I’ve decided to make some puff pastry pizzas.

As it so happened, yesterday while in Lidl’s I picked up some fresh puff pastry and as luck would also have it, I had Emmental, Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese mix along with cherry tomatoes in the fridge. Cutting the pastry into squares, I’ve put some Dijon mustard on the base, covered that with the halved tomatoes and then brushed some beaten egg around the edges. Then on with the cheese, oregano, basil, a dash of olive oil and of course, salt and pepper. Into the oven as per the pastry instuctions for 15-20 mins…

The timer has gone and I’ve taken them out. Very pleased with the result, I’ve transferred mine to a wire rack to allow the bases to dry up a little as there’s one thing I hate and that’s soggy pastry. This is so easy peasy; I’ll definitely be making these again!

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