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No Longer a French Tart

It is really amazing when some things just come together to point you in the direction of a recipe. My dad recently gave me a jar of onion marmalade and then a visit to the supermarket resulted in me buying some tender stem broccoli which I’d been keeping an eye out for. Remembering that I’d bought some blue cheese which was now buried in the back of the fridge and in danger of heading past it’s best by date I decided today to make a quiche.

Now some time ago my cousin gave me Calabrese from her allotment so I made the quiche using that along with Roquefort cheese and decided it was time to make it again. It was written in the stars and found in my cupboard!!

Ingredients measured, first to do was the pastry. As I started rolling it out the memory of that first tart came back quickly. And not a good one either as I had obviously chosen to bury it in the recesses of my mind.

The pastry from the recipe was a nightmare of non-malleable proportions! Between cracking and breaking, I’d dumped the first lot and reverted to a trusted recipe from another book but today I persevered.

I made a number of other changes to the recipe which I’d followed to the letter (pastry aside) the last time. I put the onion marmalade as the base on the pastry, added 3 eggs not 2, substituted cooking cream instead of double ( thinking of my waistline here) and used Stilton cheese instead of the cloying Roquefort which I found overwhelmed the tart the last time. The result – delicious but some adjustments to be made next time include different pastry {persevering wasn’t worth it} and back to the double cream {stuff the waistline}!

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