Salt, Pepper and a Dollop of Cream

One Woman's Journey through Her Cookbooks

Hello world!

Salt and pepper marking the final stage of a savoury dish. Cream the crown to any dessert.

Cooking is a large part of my life but that doesn’t mean that I’m a good cook, not by a long chalk. I’ve ended up cooking the same things for the last number of years as my eldest was keen on broccoli, carrots and potatoes! Thankfully his palette is expanding so now I can start dusting off my library of cookbooks and try something new.

At this stage, I’ve an army of about 100 cookbooks that is still growing as I wait for a delivery from Amazon early next week šŸ˜‰ I spend hours pouring over cookbooks like others read novels, oohing and aahing at beautifully photographed food, looking for something that I have or can easily get ingredients for and that I think will end up looking like the recipe in front of me. Quite a few I haven’t cooked from at all, some I go back to time and again. But now that I’ve a bit more time on my hands, I’m intent on improving my repertoire of recipes and cook my way through my cooking library.

What food do I like? I like easy, nutritious food that’s quick to make but is something to savour. I have to say that I’ve more of a savoury tooth than sweet but doesn’t stop me from eating dessert! I love fish, fowl and red meat – except for lamb as the smell repels me following a dreadful meal I got on a romantic weekend with hubbie. Cheesecake is my dessert choice – I remember fondly devouring lemon cheesecake when expecting my second child {on my first I devoured strawberry cornetto – another love, ice cream}. But give me cheese and crackers and I’m in heaven.

So, come join me on my culinary journey, share in my successes and support me in my failures {please!}.

Lots of love,


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