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A Try at Tapas

Now, I LOOOVVVEEE tapas but cooking lots of dishes is hard work! I remember the first time I tried tapas at our local Gourmet Food Parlour. I loved the food but also I loved the fact that we were not told to be out for the second sitting – there wasn’t any – and we didn’t have to order everything at the same time. We were just to sit, relax and enjoy ourselves. Now, this is what a night out with hubbie is all about!

What I also remember about that night is that it was the first time we met Eoin, the guitarist who we subsequently hired to play at our Christmas parties here at home. He has a fantastic talent and is loved by all both for his repertoire and his lovely nature. A thorough gentleman.

Today, we visited Howth with Granny in tow and bought some fish. Spying squid from Greece at the checkout, I bought some to make my own homage to calamari that I had for the first time at that tapas night. Simply fried calamari, dipped in plain flour and fried in oil until golden brown. Served with just lemon and some seasoning, it’s lovely but I think I’ll be making a sweet chili dip the next time šŸ˜‰

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